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We have litigated hundreds of cases ranging from low limit auto accident cases all the way up to multimillion-dollar claims. We understand that no two cases are exactly the same in value but recognize that each case must be treated with the utmost care and importance no matter what the value because for each client, their case is the most important case!


In order to help you learn more about our practice and the results we’ve achieved in previous cases, we have compiled a partial list of judgments and settlements obtained for clients in which our attorneys were the sole counsel, lead counsel or co-counsel. The facts and circumstances of your case may differ from the facts and circumstances of the cases discussed here. Each case is different and must be evaluated and handled on its own merit. Results cannot be guaranteed or promised.


Wrongful death motor vehicle crash


Wrongful death from apartment complex premises liability incident.


Semi-truck accident where Defendant alleged a sudden medical emergency trying to avoid liability. Attorney Alvarez was able to discover the driver was actually fatigued driving in excess of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration permitted hours of operation and this was permitted by his employer because they created his driving schedule.


Wrongful Death trucking accident where Attorney Alvarez was integral in aiding his client, one of the survivors of her late husband’s estate, after he was rear-ended and killed on her birthday.


Neck surgery after commercial vehicle rear end collision where the at-fault driver was driving while fatigued


Policy limit resolution for a brutal beating that resulted in Plaintiff suffering a traumatic brain injury.


Box truck vs. pedestrian fork lift case


Trucking company's insurance provider tendered remaining policy limits on a Polk County trucking accident that resulted in our client needing to undergo low back surgery.


Trucking accident


Doctor texting while driving rear ended young girl


Motor vehicle collision


Young woman received two RFA procedures after at-fault driver ran a red light


Water tanker rear-end crash resulting in Plaintiff’s lumbar fusion surgery.


Traumatic Brain Injury with Fractured Zygomatic Arch in a batting cage accident.


Drunk driver 3 times the legal limit rear ended client


T-bone collision resulting in neck surgery. Defendant only had $100,000.00 in bodily injury coverage but Mr. Alvarez was able to convince the at-fault driver’s insurance company they had acted in “bad faith” and paid extra contractual policy limits prior to trial.


Auto Accident resulting in lumbar surgery.


Premises liability case where a negligently maintained bench caused Plaintiff to suffer a bi-malleolar surgery with a subsequent ankle fusion surgery.


Rear-end collision resulting in neck surgery. Defendant only had $100,000.00 in insurance coverage but Mr. Alvarez got the Defendant’s insurance company to pay extra-contractual policy limits.


Rear-end collision in a toll booth resulting in neck surgery.


Negligently maintained gas tank on a tractor-trailer exploded causing significant burns to the Plaintiff.


Life insurance dispute over a wrongful death.


Motor vehicle collision

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