Every year, thousands of people are involved in motor vehicle accidents. In fact, approximately 200,000 car crashes are recorded in Florida every year, according to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). That equals more than 500 accidents every day. Whether your accident involved property damage, an injury, or minor damage it will mean contacting your insurance or the other driver’s insurance company to make a claim. According to recent data, 26% of Florida motorists are operating their vehicles without insurance.

At Alvarez Gower, we understand that no two accidents are alike which is why there is not just one solution for everyone. We work to fully understand your situation and make sure your situation is handled. We leave no stone unturned to ensure every opportunity is maximized to maximize YOUR RECOVERY!

What To Do After A Car Accident In Tampa?

There are a few things you need to do following an accident. First, you need to call the police. Even if the other driver begs you not to call them, you have to do it. In fact, the more insistent they are that you not call the police. the greater the reason you should call them. The police will provide a report that your lawyer will need later on in your case. The police report will include very important information, including:

  • The name and contact info for witnesses
  • Statements made by both drivers
  • A description of the accident scene
  • Pictures of the scene and the vehicles
  • Description of the road conditions
  • Insurance and license information for both parties
  • Proof that either party was drunk or under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident

Our experienced attorneys will review your car accident claims free of charge. We don’t get paid unless you receive a settlement.

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