If your loved one has lost their life because of someone else’s negligence, meaning someone has died because of a person or business acting unreasonably or without care for the consequences, then a wrongful death has occurred.  The last thing that you want to be thinking about is how this happened and what can be done.  You are likely coping with grief, may be worrying about your financial future or unable to do much at all.  Alvarez Gower has stood by many who have gone through this process and are here to help you as well.  You won’t pay us anything unless we make a recovery.

While we will never be able to make the pain of a loved one’s death go away, we can take the burden of ensuring that you and your family receive compensation for the loss.  We can immediately assist with the legal issues that come up after a death such as setting up an estate, and immediately begin an investigation into what caused the death to occur.  Whether this death occurred due to a plane, bus, car, fall, criminal act, workplace accident, medical negligence, exposure to hazardous substance, or participation in a recreational activity, we can start the investigation the day you call.

To bring a claim because of a death, a lawyer must be familiar with special laws that govern a wrongful death.  Many laws are different for wrongful death claims, including the statue of limitations being shorter meaning you need someone to act quickly.

Alvarez Gower may be able to recover for damages that your loved one suffered while going through the event that caused their death, but also for the losses that those who were close to your loved one suffered as well.  Your family should be made whole for any loss of support and services, the loss of companionship and protection, as well as the mental pain and suffering after the loss.  We can also recover for any medical expenses or funeral costs, as well as the loss of income that your family member would have made over the rest of their life.

Wrongful death claims are often fought vigorously by the people who caused the wrong and their insurance companies.  Its important that you hire lawyers who are creative, aggressive, and relentless in their practice of law.  Alvarez Gower prides themselves on bringing compassion and care to their client while simultaneously aggressively prosecuting claims against those who have wronged our clients.  Call Alvarez Gower and you will speak to an attorney for free today.

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