When you are on a property or at a business, the property or business owner has a responsibility to keep you safe from foreseeable criminal activity.  Many businesses know that violent crime has occurred, or is regularly occurring on their property, but continue to allow and invite individuals on their premises.  If you or a loved one has been the victim of crime on another’s premises, call Alvarez Gower for a free consultation today.

In many areas of Florida, apartment complexes are hot spots for criminal and even gang activity.  These businesses are usually owned by national companies that are focused on maximizing profits, and not maximizing safety for those at their business.  Criminals know this and prey on individuals in unlit areas with easy entry and exits, and no surveillance to catch them.  This leads to repeated assaults, rapes, and even murders.

Similar criminal activity happens at gas stations that don’t mind making money but do mind investing in security.  Often gas stations are placed in high crime areas, attended by one attendant who his hidden behind bars or bullet proof glass.  Gas station customers are left sometimes literally in the dark, outside the view of the attendant or anyone else.  These has caused gas stations to become a hot bed for violent crime.

A negligent security case requires a detailed investigation regarding the foreseeability of crime in the area, and the underlying criminal act itself.  We are familiar with law enforcement and have a good working relationship in investigating these crimes to ensure that they don’t happen again.  Alvarez Gower is experienced in conducting these investigations and will investigate your case for free today.  


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