If you or someone you love has been the victim of sexual assault or molestation, Alvarez Gower can get justice.  These claims require attorneys who are experienced in knowing how to prosecute these claims.  We can pursue the assaulter, as well as organizations or employers who may have created the situation that allowed the assault to occur.  Many times, these assaults are due to negligence on the part of an organization in obtaining background checks, creating rules to ensure assaults cannot occur, enforcing those same rules, or investigating prior claims.

When making a sexual assault or molestation claim, you should know that the victim’s identity is kept confidential.  The court have special rules to ensure that you or your loved one are not identified in any way publicly.  Alvarez Gower is experienced in handling these claims and understands the importance of privacy throughout the claim.

If an assault has occurred, you may be in shock and not know what to do.  Alvarez Gower can put you in touch with specialist who can help you, as well as take over the burden of ensuring that justice is served.  This often requires an immediate investigation to preserve evidence before it can be destroyed by the assaulter or any organization they were associated with.  Your strength in pursuing the claim many times prevents others from becoming victims.

Often victims worry whether there is enough proof to show that their assaulter committed the assault.  Its important to know that the requirement of proof in a civil lawsuit is lower than a criminal lawsuit, making it more likely for justice to be served with Alvarez Gower bringing a civil claim for money damages. Many times, even law enforcement is overburdened or unable to act as quickly or thorough as Alvarez Gower can.  In the past, we have even assisted law enforcement in their investigation with evidence we have been able to gather.  You will not be responsible for paying us anything unless we are successful in recovering money for you.

Sexual assault can range from a touch of a butt, sexual groping to rape.  Often an assaulter will attempt to groom their victim to disguise their assaults or attempt to keep them from being uncovered.  Alvarez Gower is experienced in uncovering every wrongful act in a pattern of actions and identifying every assault that occurs to ensure the assaulter pays for every wrongful action.

When hiring an attorney for a claim as sensitive as sexual assault, its important to find someone who is understanding of the difficulty you are going through, as well as the nature of the investigations, tactics defendants take in avoiding responsibility, and prior experience in dealing with these claims.  Alvarez Gower checks all these boxes and stands ready and willing to help you and your family through this difficult time.   

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