Since we were kids, we’ve watched cartoon characters slip and fall on banana peels and been trained to laugh.  Real slip and falls are no laughing matter.  While people who have slipped and fallen are embarrassed and believe it was their own clumsiness, often a proper investigation can reveal others negligence at play.  When you call Alvarez Gower, we begin that investigation for free the day you call.

Slip and fall accidents differ from trip and fall accidents because they are usually caused by a liquid substance on the floor, or a floor that has been covered in a slippery finish.  Florida Statutes specifically govern those cases where a foreign substance caused the fall requiring an attorney who is experienced in navigating these claims.  It is vital to have evidence of the substance that you slipped on to assist your attorneys in discovering where the substance came from or how long they existed.  

Even if the substance had not been on the floor for long, the source of the substance may regularly cause the fall hazard, such as a leaky pipe or air conditioning vent.  Business owners are also responsible for regularly inspecting their grounds to ensure these hazards do not occur.  Too often, business owners are understaffed and focus on their profit, instead of their legal duties to you, their customer.  Alvarez Gower is experienced in uncovering the causes of these substances and the neglect of business owners.

As soon as you fall, the business or property owner will begin their investigation and defense which is generally focused on minimize your potential recovery.  They will often fill out an incident report immediately.  It will be important for you to get a copy of the incident report, even if you just take a picture.

By calling Alvarez Gower, we can ensure that the business or property owner is required to keep any evidence related to your fall.  Evidence that can be helpful such as surveillance video often will be deleted within days of the incident.  If it is demanded in writing that they maintain the evidence, they are required by law to preserve it.

Portions of Florida Law make bringing slip and fall claims very difficult.  Its important that you hire lawyers who are familiar with these issues, how these cases are defended, and have been successful in bringing claims in the past.  Call Alvarez Gower and let us get working for you today!

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