A negligent security claim is a type of legal claim that arises when a person is injured or suffers damages as a result of inadequate security measures being taken at a property. This type of claim can be made against the owner or operator of the property, as well as against any security company that may have been hired to provide security services.

In order to succeed in a negligent security claim, the person bringing the claim (the plaintiff) must be able to prove that the property owner or operator had a duty to provide reasonable security measures to protect against foreseeable risks of harm, and that this duty was breached by failing to take adequate security measures. The plaintiff must also show that the breach of this duty was the cause of the injuries or damages suffered.

Negligent security claims are often made in cases where a person is the victim of a crime, such as a mugging, assault, or rape, that could have been prevented if appropriate security measures had been in place. These claims may also be brought in cases where a person is injured as a result of a fall or other accident on the property due to inadequate lighting or other safety hazards.


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